Bottles and Seedheads
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3 Grey Bottles(23cms X 18cms)

*SOLD* 3 Grey Bottles [23cm X 18cm]

Black Bottle & Dried Flowers(45cms X 30cms)

*SOLD* Black Bottle & Dried Flowers [45cm X 30cm]

Dark Blue Bottle X Seedheads(36cms X 19cms)

Dark Blue Bottle X Seedheads [36cm X 19cm]

Protea & Bottles(28cms X 28cms)

Protea & Bottles [28cm X 28cm]

Seedhead & Bottles(29cms X 29cms)

Seedhead & Bottles [29cm X 29cm]

Stone Bottle & Seedheads(31cms X 16cms)

Stone Bottle & Seedheads [31cm X 16cm]

2 Teazles (28cms X 18cms)

2 Teazles [28cm X 18cm]